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Meet Wuya!

Wuya is seventeen and lives with her older sister in Kabala, a rural region in Northern Sierra Leone. Wuya is the first patient we’ve featured who actually attends high school – according to UNICEF statistics, only 15% of girls reach secondary school in Sierra Leone due to child marriage, rape, gender-based violence and cultural biases against girls.

However, after becoming pregnant, Wuya had to leave school, and after seven painful days in labor, she gave birth to her stillborn baby. In addition to the emotional trauma of losing her baby, she developed obstetric fistula because of her week-long labor. She sought help at a rural clinic in her area and was referred to the West Africa Fistula Foundation where she received her surgery (provided by Pretty Purposeful). Her surgery completely transformed her physically and gave her a new opportunity to once again live her life. Thanks to our donors and supporters, Wuya can now return to school healed! Please consider supporting our cause so that more girls like Wuya can regain their health and go on to live a life of purpose.

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