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Meet Gita

A few days ago, we announced our relationship with the WAFF and how the $25,000 we raised last year (thanks to your help!) has gone to fund surgeries for women in Sierra Leone, an impoverished West African nation (read article here). For the next few weeks, we’ll be presenting a story from each woman whose lives have been changed forever.

Gita is just 15 years old, but she has been through so much as a young teen. She was living with her relatives in Ngalla Bomboya when she became pregnant and gave birth to a stillborn baby after three long days in labor. She developed obstetric fistula (read the details about the injury here) and also had problems walking, a terrible side effect of the obstructed labor she endured.

Her aunt brought her to Medicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) and from there she was brought to the West Africa Fistula Foundation for treatment. Gita is still a student, and can now return to living an active life after going through so much pain and losing her child.

We love you, Gita!

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